Tutor Students Effectively With Smart Way Reading Foolproof Phonics™

The Gold Standard of Phonics Programs™

There are many phonics programs available when tutoring beginning readers or those requiring intervention. The original Smart Way Reading™ flipchart program and the direct derivative online version, Phonics interactive Education™, set the Gold Standard for results.

Rather than being “entertaining education,” which may or may not work by merely keeping a child playfully occupied, Smart Way Reading is engaging education that does work, time and again. It is an excellent solution to the illiteracy epidemic that exists in America.

The program is founded on the most comprehensive research ever conducted on how to effectively teach people to read. Further, Smart Way Reading is backed by an evidence-based study.

The true test of any product is: Does it work? In the case of Smart Way Reading, the answer is a resounding: Yes, it does! Thousands of students, from pre-school to adults, have participated in Smart Way Reading and Phonics interactive Education tutoring programs and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

The program has been utilized virtually everywhere; in urban, suburban and rural settings, at home, in community and tutoring centers, and as a primary language arts curriculum in before, during and after school environments, as well as in juvenile and detention centers.  Regardless of where it is utilized it remains consistent, with positive results, improving the reading skills of children and adults alike.  The full Scope & Sequence of both the flipchart and online versions may be viewed here.

A short segment of a Smart Way Reading tutoring session.

And one utilizing Phonics interactive Education.

No Games. No Gimmicks. Just RESULTS!™

Phonics reading education

“I have observed a remarkable improvement in the children’s
ability to read and understand basic language.” – LC, English Learner Tutor
“Smart Way has helped me because I have a lot more confidence
and am not embarrassed to read in front of the class.
It has helped me to read, understand and pronounce words
and syllables way better than before.” – JL, 14 year old student

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