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Success Teaching Others to Read

The Smart Way Reading™ program has been utilized effectively in all types of settings, including urban, suburban and rural home, community center and school environments, as well as juvenile and detention centers, with consistent, positive results improving the reading skills of both children and adults.

Following is a sampling of the tremendous feedback that has been received:

“As the Learning Support teacher I have observed our students eagerly participating in the reading program on a daily basis, indeed many students have asked for additional sessions with their tutors. Students reading comprehension and decoding skills are improving and this has been noted in the classrooms as well. This program is one of the best.”  LR, Learning Support Teacher

“My co-workers continue to rave on and on about the improvements they have seen as a result of using the Smart Way program.  As I have only been a teacher for 4 years and some of my co-workers have been in it for 20+ years, it is fantastic to hear such positive feedback from them.  They truly are excited that our kids are reading.  Our kids are slow, very slow, and even learning the sounds the letters make is progress that to us is very exciting.  We just wish for basic survival reading skills and to see some of them accomplish that, or even begin to get close to that, is really neat.  Thanks for everything!”  HR, Special Education Teacher

“Great progress was achieved as demonstrated by observations, personal interactions, reviews and test results. But more importantly, which tests do not and can not measure, is the confidence and willingness on the part of these students to read and want to read.”  BL, Program Supervisor

“I have seen tremendous improvement in the student’s reading, comprehension, and vocabulary skills.” VJ, Teacher and Tutor

“We would definitely want this tutoring as a permanent part of our curriculum.”  DR, Alternative Education School Director

“The class made me smarter with my reading and spelling. I think it’s good for all students. It’s fun learning when you are there.”  HR, 10th grade Student

“I’ve personally witnessed students improve their reading and social skills and overcome their fear of reading to confidently doing so.” LM, Student Counselor

“My reading level has gone up four grade levels, from fifth grade to ninth grade. I recently got a job where I have to do a lot of writing and I am doing it with ease. It is all due to Smart Way Reading and Spelling.” MB, Adult Learner

“I cannot say enough about this program. I certainly hope that it will be available next year as it is apparent that our students desperately need it and are reaping the benefits of it.”  CC, Learning Support Teacher

“Since Kindergarten, I have been advised that my daughter is ‘slow and learning disabled.’ I was advised that she would never get a high school diploma but, since beginning Smart Way ten months ago, she has gone from a first-grade to a fifth-grade reading level.” MP, Parent

 “Smart Way has helped me because I have a lot more confidence and am not embarrassed to read in front of the class. It has helped me to read, understand and pronounce words and syllables way better than before.”  JL, 9th grade Student

“Students scored more than ten points higher on their tests. I was so happy when I received the results and I know that Smart Way played an important role.”  BC, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I, personally, noticed a huge improvement in her reading and her speech.”  JD, Parent

“My students are more confident when reading orally or silently. They have told me that this program has been a great help to them as they have enhanced their vocabulary, comprehension and spelling skills.”  RR, 8th Grade Teacher

“While there are many companies that offer solutions to our illiteracy problems, only Bright Sky Learning delivers with a great product. “  KH, Learning Center Director

“We have seen an increase in self-confidence, grades and class participation…we have seen significant improvement.” PN, Teacher and Tutor

“This program has given me the knowledge to be a better student. It has improved my vocabulary as well as my writing skills.” – TB, 9th grade student

“I must say, without reservation, that I find the Bright Sky Learning program to be the most effective in teaching children to read at or above grade level. I have seen children become excited about learning and their self-esteem raised.”  MR, After-School Program Director

No Games. No Gimmicks. JUST RESULTS!


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