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Frequently Asked Questions About The

Smart Way Reading Phonics Program

Phonics instructionQ.  With Smart Way Reading does my child learn by herself and at her own pace?
A. No and yes.  First, when a child learns by herself without adult or tutor supervision she may or may not be answering or responding correctly to a given action in a lesson.  That is one of the major factors that makes Smart Way Reading different and unique.  It does require someone to coach the student to ensure full understanding.  However, due to the nature of the program, your child will move at her own pace with your (or a tutor’s) guidance and encouragement.

Q.  My child has been labeled “learning disabled,” can he learn to read?
A.  Many children who have been labeled as learning disabled have learned to read, and do so effectively.  The key for these children, as for any child, is to provide instruction in a step-by-step manner that ensures he will succeed.  Additionally, it is vital to always focus on what your child can do, and to put his attention on what he has learned, rather than on what he hasn’t.  As one Special Education teacher stated, “My co-workers continue to rave on and on about the improvements they have seen as a result of using the Smart Way program.”

Q.  What do kids think of this program?
A.  We will let the kids tell you themselves!

  • “I liked it. It taught me lots of stuff like lots of rules for spelling. I will use it in so many different ways like knowing why “y” changes to “i” on happiest. They made it easy and fun to learn phonics. I enjoyed the time I spent doing it.”    Emily, age 7
  • “I like all the Smart Way worksheets. I like them because they’re fun to do.”     Emilio, age 9
  • “I learned words out of the Smart Way dictionary. It was fun learning about the words.”     Lucila, age 9

Q.  What are the steps to teaching a student to read?
A.  Effective reading instruction includes the following components:

  1. Teaching that words are made up of individual sounds and teaching the student to discern these sounds in words
  2. Teaching the sound / letter relationships (phonics)
  3. Guiding the student as he reads aloud from passages at his or her level
  4. Increasing the student’s vocabulary
  5. Instruction in comprehension strategies Phonics Reading Strategy At Home

Q.  Which of these steps does Smart Way use to help my child?
A.  Smart Way contains instruction in all five areas.  However, the primary focus of Smart Way Reading is phonics.  If taught incorrectly, English can seem very illogical and confusing to a student learning how to read.  The Smart Way Reading program organizes words logically so the English language unfolds in a way that the student can easily understand, thus adding assurance of the student’s mastery.

Q.  My child doesn’t read at grade level but he reads ok.  How can your program help him?
A.  Many children who can read still have difficulty as they are missing very important basics.  Without these in place, reading may never become an enjoyable and meaningful activity.  Smart Way Reading is the fun, easy-to-use reading program that teaches your child to read at or above grade level, using the latest scientific research on the subject of reading.  No matter what grade level your child is reading at there’s a Smart Way program designed for him or her.

Q.  Can any person having difficulty reading be assisted with Smart Way?
A.  Yes.  The Smart Way Reading program has been used effectively with people of virtually all ages, from pre-school through high school and college, as well as into later adult years.

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