No Games. No Gimmicks. Just Results!™

A Phonics Education Program

With Consistently Positive Results

The true test of any product is: Does it work?

For the Smart Way Reading foolproof phonics program, the answer is: YES!

No Games. No Gimmicks. JUST RESULTS!

For almost 15 years, this unique systematic and explicit phonics program has been used with thousands of beginning readers and at-risk students, as well as adults, in many different areas of the country and has assisted the vast majority of them to obtain very positive results.

Smart Way Reading has been successfully utilized by: homeschoolers, siblings tutoring at home, tutoring organizations, volunteer groups, community centers, after-school programs, alternative education classes, juvenile and detention centers, and more.

“The rewards are evident not only by the increase of reading and comprehension for my students, but also in their personal pride, accomplishments and visually noted increased self-esteem. ” – BH, School District Classroom Supervisor

Elementary education results with phonicsThe graph to the left displays results for an at-risk elementary after-school program that utilized the Smart Way Reading program. As can be seen, of the 79 elementary school students (grades K-5) who were pre- and post-tested, 88.6% achieved academic gain, with the average increase taking students from the 37th percentile to the 55th (i.e., from well below age/grade level to just above age level) in 32 hours of tutoring.

High school education results with phonics
The graph to the right shows the results for an inner-city high school after-school tutoring program using Smart Way Reading. Of the 71 high school students (grades 9-12) who were pre- and post-tested, an incredible 97.1% achieved academic gain, with the average increase taking students from the 18th percentile to the 47th (i.e., from substantially below their age/grade level to just under their age level) in approximately 35 hours.

Of the several thousand students enrolled in programs working with the Smart Way Reading curriculum, 88% have moved, on average, from the 25th to the 50th percentile, or, well below age/grade level to right at their age level in generally about 35 hours.

While there is no guarantee, express or implied, that the same results will occur with any individual student or group of students, the results of programs working with Smart Way Reading show consistently positive results.

Smart Way Reading foolproof phonics

“The teachers and students that I observed were happy with the curriculum,
the kids were engaged and I really loved the foundational reading skills I saw being reinforced.”
– GL, After-School Program Administrator

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