Why fill-in-the-blank Can’t Read

or Why Education “Reform” is NOT the Answer


An Essay Containing

Basic & Pertinent Information

Every Parent & Educator

Should Know 

How did America, which had evolved the best education system in the world, tumble from the pinnacle of success to mediocrity?

Why do billions of dollars continue to be spent annually on “education” with little to no result?

Is the solution really as complex as it is made out to be?

This essay provides background information regarding the changes made in an instructional method that has been responsible for nothing less than devastating results to the American education process.

And it points out the solution which, while being simple, is being overlooked, sidestepped, or ignored by those in the position to implement and reverse the long downward trend.

This subject has been argued for decades but the facts are indisputable, while being remarkably clear and easy to see.

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Frederick Douglass

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