A Brief History of Reading Instruction


The history of reading instruction is seen to be fairly consistent for over two thousand years, with societies teaching through an alphabetic principle, or phonics, method.

That first changed in America around 1837, with sight-word reading adopted in Boston, which caused a steep decline in literacy within seven years.  That problem was successfully eliminated.

That did not, however, stop proponents of whole-word (sight-word, look-see, etc.) from continuing their quest to use what is nothing less than educational malpractice to teach students how to read.

A Brief History of Reading Instruction chronicles what has transpired over time in reading instruction, as well as including some education milestones.

The occurrences, which begin at 500 BC, are from various countries and come forward with the concentration then being set in America pertaining to the changes that began to alter successful instruction.

This is by no means a complete compilation but, rather, an overview that records the dramatic decline in literacy in the United States and contains information that people should know.

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