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To assist in deciding which product(s) may be needed, the decoding assessment that Bright Sky Learning designed
specifically for use with Smart Way Reading to identify potential areas of weakness in phonics abilities may be downloaded free:
Assessor PDF Student PDF Instructions PDF (all three are needed).

The Sounds of English
ISBN 1-932050-32-9

The Sounds of English CD and flash card program helps people recognize and repeat the sounds unique to American English. This innovative product introduces forty-six phonemes (speech sounds) in isolation and in text and was designed and created specifically for those learning to read, English Learners and English as a Foreign Language students.


English Alphabet & Sounds instruction

(Online) Following the same principles of The Sounds of English, this is the online version and is a powerful and effective method to teach anyone the unique sounds of the English language.



Smart Way Reading Full Kit
ISBN 1-932050-33-7

Includes Lessons 1-27, Student Skillbook, Illustrated Dictionary, Webster’s New World Student’s Dictionary, “How To Be A Reading Coach,” “Smart Way Coaching Reference.”

Section One: Lessons 1 through 11, Student Skillbook, Illustrated Dictionary, “How To Be A Reading Coach” and “Smart Way Coaching Reference”
By the end of Lesson 6, the student can sound out and spell three-letter words using short vowel sounds.  There are approximately 1,500 of these in the English language.  From Lessons 7-11 the student has learned all beginning and ending blends, how to add ING and ED to words, and most consonant digraphs (letters representing units of sound), such as CH.

Section Two: Lessons 12-21, Webster’s New World Student’s Dictionary
During Lessons 12-17, the student is taught all of the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet including the third sound of A and U (ball, put), has learned the most common consonant digraphs including PH, and how to read words with R controlled vowels, such as AR, ER and OR.  By the end of Lesson 22, the student has learned the sounds made by all of the vowel teams as well as special vowel sounds.  The student knows the majority of the graphemes (letters which represent sounds) in the English language and can decode nearly any word.

Section Three: Lessons 22-27
By the end of this section, the student has been introduced to over 200 spelling patterns in the English language and has greatly improved decoding and spelling capabilities.

Phonics interactive Education

(All online) Lessons 1-27 with Skills Reviews, Instructions, Illustrated Dictionary, link to Webster’s Student’s Dictionary, printable Certificates of Achievement, Decoding Skills assessment.
The direct derivative online version of the complete Smart Way Reading and Spelling® program follows all of the exact principles of reading instruction.  It is multi-sensory, fully interactive and student self-paced, with the computer voice guiding the student while having a coach available to complete various activities as required, including the Skills Review following each lesson.  Each lesson can take between one and two-and-one-half hours to complete, depending upon the age and abilities of the student.

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“The Smart Way Reading and Spelling program,
and its online derivative work Phonics interactive Education,
are outstanding tools for both beginning and struggling readers.
They can teach virtually anyone how to read.”  Bobby ‘Action’ Jackson

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