A Phonics Education Program

Based on Extensive Research

Scientifically-Based Research – Practical Application

The Smart Way Reading program is grounded in the most comprehensive scientific research in reading instruction.  This research, conducted by the National Institute of Health’s National Reading Panel, concluded that there are five key elements that must be included in a successful reading program.

  1. Phonemic Awareness – The ability to notice, think about and work with the individual sounds in spoken words.
  2. Systematic Phonics Instruction – Teaching the relationships between the letters of written language and the individual sounds of spoken language.
  3. Reading Fluency – The ability to read a text accurately and quickly.
  4. Vocabulary Instruction – Specifically teaching the meaning of words that are used in reading and speaking.
  5. Text Comprehension – Understanding the words and concepts about which one is reading.

The Smart Way Reading multi-sensory program has creatively combined the above five elements in a way which is simple to use, engages the student and is extremely practical for a variety of settings, in the classroom, as an after-school activity or in a community center.

Evidence-based Research Study

An evidence-based research study was conducted on the Smart Way Reading program which details the excellent results achieved.

The overview can be seen here: Research Study.

A Partial Record of Research for the Program Design

According to the findings published in Put Reading First (2003), the factors most highly correlated with success in early reading are the ability to isolate the individual phonemes in a word and knowing the alphabet, which is the design of Smart Way Reading. The program is a multisensory curriculum which is one of the most effective ways to teach children to read, according to the National Reading Panel (2000). The Smart Way Reading system of locating and filling in the gaps in student knowledge is supported by Guskey (2007), as well as Gagne’s cumulative-learning theory (1965, 1962), while the program’s improvement of a student’s incremental skills mastery is supported by the work of Engelmann (2007) and Hirsch (1996).

Smart Way Reading’s use of a gradual, systematic approach, according to Cleary (2009, Hanson and Greene (2000), and Klein and Marple (2000), allows students to develop their skills and increase their confidence. The program utilizes explicit, systematic instruction, which is recognized as having a direct impact on student success, especially in low-achieving students, per research by Koesbergen, VanLuit and Maas(2004), Whitehurst (2003), and Baker Gersten and Lee (2002).

As well, research shows phonics instruction is useful to students of all ages (Curtis, 1999 and 2004; Blevins, 1999; Snow, et. al, 1998) and other research validates intense instruction in decoding skills as a method of boosting the reading level for struggling readers in high school (Institute for Academic Access, 2002).

Based on extensive research, Smart Way Reading has proven
to effectively teach – or remediate – reading skills.

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