The Illiteracy Epidemic

In a special report, Time magazine dubbed the United States Dropout Nation.

Well over 44 million citizens are functionally illiterate.

Over 60% of all inmates read at or below a 4th grade level.

Approximately 85% of all juvenile offenders have major problems with reading and basic math.

Illiteracy costs taxpayers over $225 billion per year in welfare payments, crime, lost taxes, job incompetence and remedial education.

Crashing SAT Scores (Scholastic Achievement Test or Scholastic Assessment Test): In 1972 there were 2,817 students who reached the pinnacle of scoring 750 or above (out of 800) in the language arts section and by 1994 that number plummeted by almost half, to 1,438, even though the test had been simplified.

The above statistics point out a serious problem, an illiteracy epidemic.

To learn more about how reading instruction devolved to create students who cannot read please view A Brief History of Reading Instruction.

Fortunately, there is a Solution: systematic and explicit phonics.

While almost any phonics program can assist in alleviating the problem, Smart Way Reading has an outstanding track record of both teaching reading and remediating reading abilities, both of which will result in fewer drop-outs and a more literate society.

Rather than being “entertaining education,” which may or may not work by merely keeping a child playfully occupied, Smart Way is engaging education that does work, time and again.

No games. No gimmicks. Just RESULTS!

“Thanks to the Smart Way explicit systematic approach to help our students break the codes to reading, writing, speaking and understanding English, our test scores are better in all areas.”  VT, Student Learning Coach

“It is my opinion that the Smart Way Program is a valuable learning tool that would be an asset to any educational curriculum.”  TC, Educator and Tutor

“Education is the vaccine for violence.”  Edward James Olmos

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