The Gold Standard of Phonics Programs

Teach Reading to English Learners

The Sounds of English CD & flash card program and its direct derivative online version, English Alphabet & Sounds instruction (EASi), were specifically developed for English Learners, whether they be toddlers at home, older students or adults.  They are also very effective for English as a Foreign Language students.

Sounds of English phonemes
These programs teach English Learners 46 phonemes (speech and letter sounds) that the 26 letters and their combinations make, using rhyme and rhythm.  Once the student has mastered the sounds of English they can then move forward and study the Smart Way Reading (or Phonics interactive Education) systematic and explicit phonics programs.

English Alphabet Sounds instruction
These methods of reading instruction have proven year after year to be a highly effective way to develop and advance the reading and speaking skills for the English Learner student.

Learning How To Read
Above, a second grade student who was reading below a first grade level was reading at almost a third grade level in less than 50 hours of tutoring.

While there is no guarantee, express or implied, that the same results will occur with any individual student, the results have been positive and consistent.

“The gains these students have made are also reflected on the amount of time
they remain on task during class.” – MR-G, English Language Learner Teacher

“Smart Way is the best after school program we ever had.
I have improved my English a lot. Every day I learn something new.”
– SL, 4th grade English Learner

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