Teach Others How to Read with the Foolproof Phonics Education Method

Adult-to-Student Tutoring

With Smart Way Reading

Smart Way Reading is a highly effective, systematic and explicit phonics program to teach reading skills. The evidence- and research-based program instructs students on the most commonly used words in the English language. Throughout the program­ students learn English, receiving instruction on pronunciation, punctuation, spelling and basic grammar concepts. A fully illustrated dictionary, containing all of the words in the first eleven lessons, even gets new readers looking up words from the start.

Smart Way Reading is a valuable tool for community and tutoring centers, as well as for professional educators or concerned adults.  The program enables program directors the ability to utilize parents, volunteers and even older students as reading coaches.  Being able to use students and volunteers as coaches enables programs to save both time and money while providing outstanding and proven results.

The Problem

The Solution

The Smart Way for Results™

Learning to Read through Phonics

The Smart Way Reading program has been used very successfully in community tutoring centers and volunteer programs around the country for over a decade.

Nearly everyone who has used the Smart Way method views it as an invaluable tool to effectively teach reading, while also building abilities, confidence and self-esteem in struggling readers.

Smart Way Reading is incredibly easy to administer.  It is highly flexible, so it supplements, integrates and enhances community and school reading programs.


Phonics in the Community

“I firmly believe that anyone who works with students that are struggling academically,
especially the at-risk student population, should contact Bright Sky Learning.”
– GW, Youth Club Education Director

”I have seen changes in attitudes and grade elevation in 95% of the students
using Smart Way Reading.” – MR, Community Tutoring Director

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