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Rather than being “entertaining education,” which may or may not work by merely keeping a child playfully occupied, Smart Way is engaging education that does work, time and again.  It is an excellent solution to the illiteracy epidemic in America.Phonics Reading Education  The program is:

        • Fully Scripted – The reading coach follows a fully-scripted program taking the guesswork out of what needs to be done in order to achieve student success.
        • Guided – There are twenty-seven flip chart lesson books which guide a coach and student step-by-step through to successful completion.
        • Systematic and Explicit – The Smart Way Reading methodology follows a carefully selected sequence of letter-sound relationships that have been organized in a logical order (systematic) and provide the coach with precise directions (explicit).
        • Comprehensive – The program is based on the most exhausting scientific reading research ever conducted. Smart Way Reading covers the key fundamentals necessary to develop strong reading skills with phonics instruction.
        • Dictionary Oriented – The program includes consistent use of an illustrated dictionary (covering every word used in the first 11 lessons) and a Webster’s New World Student’s Dictionary.
        • Multisensory – This research-validated methodology teaches through visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile pathways with continuous student and coach interaction.
        • Synthetic and Analytic -Smart Way Reading includes both synthetic and analytic methods of instruction by presenting the parts of the language and how the parts work together to form a whole, while also teaching the whole and how it breaks down into various components.
        • Effective – Most importantly, the Smart Way Reading program was designed to be, and is, results-based.  Over the past decade, over 88% of all those completing the program went from, on average, the 25th percentile (substantially below their age level) to the 50th percentile (right at age level).

Further, the Smart Way Reading program was developed to build a student’s confidence and self-esteem.  At the end of each lesson the student completes a Skills Review and once a 100% score is attained on the review the student receives a Certificate of Achievement.  So proud of their accomplishments are some young learners, that it has been reported that Smart Way certificates are proudly displayed on their bedroom walls.

As well, teachers and administrators report that middle and high school students have rehabilitated their reading abilities through the Smart Way Reading program, even volunteering to read aloud in school classrooms, where before they avoided being called upon to read.

“Smart Way has helped me because I have a lot more confidence and am not embarrassed to read in front of the class. It has helped me to read, understand and pronounce words and syllables way better than before.” – JL, 14 year old student

Teaching pre-kindergarten children to adults how to read effectively, the Smart Way Reading program is truly different and unique.  To view the full Scope & Sequence of the program click here.

“I have observed a remarkable improvement in the children’s
ability to read and understand basic language.” – LC, English Learner Tutor

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