Reading With Phonics Positively Changes Lives

Reading is the primary tool people use to become educated on virtually any subject. When one cannot capably read one’s potential in any field is diminished.

The Smart Way Reading and Spelling® methodology has successfully assisted thousands of people, young and old alike, to learn to read or to become better readers through remediation of their skills.

The foolproof phonics program is systematic and explicit, following Orton-Gillingham principles and based on the findings and the recommended elements required to effectively teach reading as reported by the National Reading Panel.

The Scope and Sequence is geared to educate a student through the reading gradients, from learning the consonant sounds and reading words with short vowel sounds, through all of the most common English phonetic patterns, up to advanced phonetic concepts such as silent letters and the schwa sound.

Smart Way Reading has been used in scores of cities across the United States with consistent and uniform positive results.

Utilizing the Wide Range Achievement Test for pre- and post-testing, students, on average, increased from the 30th to the 50th Percentile based on their age in typically 30-35 hours of either one-on-one or small group tutoring. That essentially means that they moved from substantially below to reading at their age level.

More information regarding results may be viewed here: Results and Testimonials.

The only proven way for people to learn to read, as well as to eradicate illiteracy through effective remediation, is through utilization of fully researched and evidence-based systematic and explicit phonics programs such as Smart Way Reading.  A study that validates its use and results can be found here: SWRS Research Study.

The multi-sensory Smart Way program has also been converted, as a direct derivative work, for online use showing essentially the same level of student achievement.  A brief overview may be seen at: Overview.

“Thanks to the Smart Way explicit systematic approach to help our students break the codes to reading, writing, speaking and understanding English, our test scores are better in all areas.” VT, Student Learning Coach

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